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With a cumulative 15+ years of experience in cryptographic engineering, digital asset management, and private equity investments, we infuse technological innovation with a full spectrum of investment strategies adhering to a vision of global adoption.

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Handling and Control
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We provide unbiased, transparent and on-demand risk assessment for any individual, macro investment forecasting with long-term strategies and digital asset portfolio restructuring for those that may well need it.


and Control

Synthetic assets are the vehicle for demonstrating the price of the base asset on-chain, enabling you to construct unique on-chain portfolios wherever you want, however you want, whenever you want; ensuring privacy, security, and speed along the lightning journey.



By focusing on diversification through interoperability our portfolios provide the ultimate risk management framework which then lays the foundation for our strategies to mitigate while being guided by unpredictable risk.


By harnessing smart contracts, we remove the need for any off-chain order books, erase any liquidity concerns, and guarantee zero slippage. In essence, re-balancing your portfolio has never been more straightforward.


Zero Slippage

After the initial deposit, all conversions, liquidations, exchanges, and transfers can be completed entirely as synthetic assets that utilize a unique paradigm called peer-to-contract (P2C) liquidity, which enables zero-slippage trading on-chain with no counterparties. Providing fully confidential liquidations of digital assets for corporate, individual, and high net-worth clients.


Signature Client Solutions

White-label services to suit the needs and passions of clients. Whether working with professional athletes, corporate executives or your working-class citizen, our analysts possess the skills, intellect, and experience necessary to fit anyone's needs.



We combine non-custodial control, algorithmically automated or fully managed strategies, and indexed pools with fundamental research, astrological theories, and qualitative analysis to provide the most antifragile and idiosyncratic investment strategies the digital asset space has seen.



Transparent, secure, inflation-resistant, and future-proof treasury management, including protocol staking, managed liquidations, dollar stablecoin holdings, and derivatives support.


Seasoned Vet

With a cumulative 25+ years of certified experience in asset management, investment banking, and global capital markets, we infuse technological innovation with financial progression and regulatory compliance practices.


Strategic Partnerships

At the essence of decentralization is collaboration, the importance of cooperation within an ecosystem to bring a project, protocol or network to life, also exists within the very nature of blockchain technology. A blockchain is never singular or dependent on a central node. Since it is dependent on participants in an ecosystem cooperating, we believe decentralized finance is very much a team sport.


Creating blockchain-based identities enables fresh and meaningful interactions, while still generating unparalleled value through expanded fan sales, asset crowdfunding, digital collectibles, and verifiable superfan stardom. Consider a verifiable superfan as a fan profile or a license given by a sports association. Sports associations will be able to collect more actionable and informative data on their audiences in order to increase loyalty and sales.

Decentralized Finance

Decentralized finance—often called DeFi— at the most basic level, refers to the shift from traditional, centralized financial systems to peer-to-peer finance enabled by decentralized technologies built on a blockchain.


Insurance for the blockchain is simply another evolution in and an extension of the already prevalent sector of cybersecurity. It is not in itself an application of blockchain technology, but a growing drive to extend insurance capacity to the infrastructure that is being built within the decentralized finance and blockchain space overall.

Regenerative Energy

Blockchain technology has the potential to accelerate the energy sector through its automated smart contracts and systems interoperability. Of the many use cases for blockchain, energy and sustainability are often less recognized. However, the World Economic Forum, Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment, and PwC released a joint report identifying more than 65 existing and emerging blockchain use-cases for the environment.


The Internet of Things has emerged as a set of technologies from Wireless Sensors Networks (WSN) to Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), that provide the capabilities to sense, actuate with and communicate over the Internet.

Real Estate

Among the many roles blockchain technology will play in the real estate sector the most viable and widespread application is through tokenizing assets.

Media & Entertainment

Blockchain allows music artists, entertainers, and creatives the opportunity to digitize the metadata of their unique content, distribute, manage and store IP rights on a time-stamped, immutable ledger. The append-only structure of a blockchain makes it easier for artists and creators to legally enforce their rights if infringement ever occurs, ultimately restoring power back to the creators.

Supply Chain

Companies invest a lot in their digital infrastructure, their computerized enterprise resource planning (ERP), and supply chain management software. Yet, despite their expenditure, they have very limited insight and visibility about the location of their products at any given moment.

Layer-2 Scaling Solutions

Layer-2 scaling solutions are one of the most critical parts of Ethereum’s development roadmap. They’ll not only help bridge the gap between now and the launch of Eth2 but also act as an accelerant to Eth2’s scalability, increasing its processing power to a theoretical max of ~100,000 transactions per second.


Stablecoin is a type of cryptocurrency that always holds a stable price. These type of cryptocurrencies are created to take on the unstable crypto market scenario and ensure a stable ground for all. Thus, Stable Coin cryptocurrency is crucial for crypto investors, cryptocurrency exchanges and the overall crypto market.

Cross-Chain Technology

Cross-chain Technology aka Interoperability is increasingly becoming the ultimate solution for enhancing applications between blockchains to enable optimal efficiency and decrease fees. In other words, cross-chain technology allows the transmission of value and information between different blockchain networks.

Artificial Intelligence

The emergence of artificial general intelligence and the global brain provides new opportunities for realizing humanity's long quest for a more utopian existence. Open collaboration and exchange networks facilitate voluntary cooperative activity by people at dispersed physical locations.


When the early internet was blossoming, a group of  ambitious innovators and cypherpunks saw a future of interconnected people and possibilities. They also recognized that at some point the digital age would either bring freedom for the people or ultimate power for the establishment. We are soon approaching that exact inflection point.


Blockchain infrastructure platform-as-a-service (PaaS) providers coordinate and maintain access to the infrastructure that powers blockchains, such as dev tools and nodes, bundled with the underlying infrastructure needed to operate their systems, such as cloud storage and security.

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