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When the early internet was blossoming, a group of  ambitious innovators and cypherpunks saw a future of interconnected people and possibilities.
They also recognized that at some point the digital age would either bring freedom for the people or ultimate power for the establishment. We are soon approaching that exact inflection point.

These Cypherpunks began a movement which has brought you all here today, has provided hope to millions, and gives us a chance to wrestle back control from a sclerotic establishment that will do everything it can to keep us under control.

Privacy was always intended to be an important feature of any ideal cryptocurrency. This goes all the way back to Satoshi Nakomoto’s original whitepaper, with even further traces to Bitcoin’s cypherpunk roots. Financial sovereignty and privacy go hand in hand. Today, investors are realizing the importance of maintaining privacy related to personal financial data and security from public tracking.

Haven Protocol

Haven is a prime example of a cryptocurrency that provides financial sovereignty. It is a fork of the Monero blockchain, which is widely reputed for its leadership in crypto privacy. Haven is a legal and easily accessible “offshore bank” with its own ecosystem of synthetic assets that users can enter through Haven’s native XHV token.

Haven’s mint and burn algorithm allows users to switch back and forth from the speculative XHV token to various stable, synthetic assets all within the privacy of the user’s vault. The algorithm, which guarantees $1 worth of XHV will always be convertible for 1 xUSD with no counterparty involved, allows users to do these conversions with infinite liquidity, no slippage, and near-zero fees.


Haven Protocol

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