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Real Estate

Among the many roles blockchain technology will play in the real estate sector the most viable and widespread application is through tokenizing assets.

Although it seems like the industry is doing quite well, it actually consists of many frictions and liquidity issues. The real estate market is becoming affordable only to a certain class or HNW.

Interestingly, multiple blockchain-based real estate companies emerged over the years, and now they intend to disrupt the way this industry works. The threat is real, affecting the traditional ways of real estate, which will soon become obsolete. Therefore, the only way this industry can survive is through integrating blockchain into their business models.

Probable use cases of blockchain in Real Estate

Increasing Liquidity
Fighting Wire and Email Fraud
Preventing Mortgage Fraud
Full Transparency in Title Transfers
Streamline Property Search Process
Fractional Investing or Ownership
Preventing Title and Deed Fraud
Automated Property Buy and Sell

What are the biggest problems of Real Estate?

Not Open to Everyone
Lack of Transparency
Very High Fees
Low Liquidity Levels
High Pricing Commitments
Slow Transaction Speed

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