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Regenerative Energy

Blockchain presents itself as the next emerging technology to spur growth in the energy sector through its smart contracts and systems interoperability.

The reason for this lack of transparency, in most cases, is the analog gap between all the systems within the company as well as across company boundaries.

Of the many use cases for blockchain, energy and sustainability are often less recognized. However, the World Economic Forum, Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment, and PwC released a joint report identifying more than 65 existing and emerging blockchain use-cases for the environment.

Key issues in the utility industry

Low Customer Satisfaction
Increasing Maintenance Costs
Ineffective Asset Management
Coordination in Distributed Power Generation
Poor Cyber Security
Environmental Responsibility
Dynamic Pricing
Inefficient Energy Storing
Fraudulent Billing
Lack of Transparency

Use cases of blockchain in utility

Reduced Maintenance Costs
Better Utility Data Management
Peer to Peer Energy Trading
Automated Inceptive for Renewable Adoption
Reducing Carbon Emissions
Provide Wholesale Utilities
Tokenizing Utilities
Proper Microgrid Maintenance

Power Ledger

Power  ledger  is  building  a  platform  where  users  can  contribute  or  consumer  clean  energy    resources  across  the  network.  Pegged  to  local  currencies  and  convertible  to  cash,  the  platform  aims  to  focus  on  individuals  in  high  density  and  urban  environments.  Unlike  centrally managed power systems, these decentralized energy resources are not powered by one  central  provider,  potentially  creating  a  more  competitive  environment  and  preventing  the potential for complete system shut downs.


Power Ledger

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